The Samantha Smith Challenge & engagEd

The Samantha Smith Challenge 2015

We are kicking off the 2018/19 Samantha Smith Challenge, an AWTT program developed in collaboration with MAMLE, the Center for Innovation in Education at Thomas College, and inspiring teachers around the State of Maine. This year the SSC will focus on the different aspects of individual and group identities as students learn to become engaged, changemaking citizens. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDELINES NOW TO GET STARTED!




Syracuse University
October 30 - November 6, 2018
Louisville, KY
Surry, Maine
Emlen Hall, Bay School, Blue Hill, Maine
Bagaduce Music Lending LIbrary, Blue Hill, Maine
Bagaduce Lending Library, 49 South Street, Blue Hill, Maine


AWTT Exhibit at Syracuse University: Inspiration Squared
 All of Robert Shetterly's 238 completed portraits in the Americans Who Tell the Truth project are on exhibit at Syracuse University through December 14th.Syracuse opened the exhibit on November 28, 2018 in the Panasci Lounge of the Schine S
Kim Wasserman's latest battles
A recent Chicago Tribune story highlights Kim Wasserman's current work in McKinley Park, fighting with neighbors for environmental safety as a large asphalt plant is under construction across the street from their namesake park.Wasserman has also
Audio: Bill McKibben on the climate movements that give him hope
In this 11/27/18 Mongabay newscast, Bill McKibben talks about where he finds hope in the current climate change landscape.
Nikki Giovanni Releases "A Good Cry"
Dubbed “The Poet of the Black Revolution”, the legendary activist, poet and educator Nikki Giovanni received a warm welcome from the D.C.
European Parliament Panel Approves Whistleblower Protections for all EU Countries
BRUSSELS - On Tuesday, the Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) of the European Parliament voted in favor of a proposed Whistleblower Protection Directive, which would create legally binding free speech protections for whistleblowers in all EU member state
Tim DeChristopher on state of the "necessity" defense
Tim DeChristopher is interviewed about climate activism and use of the "necessity" defense in a recent WIRED article "Pipeline Vandals are Reinventing Climate Activism."Just this year, DeChristopher and a group of other activists
“Americans Who Tell The Truth Through Law” artist shares stories of democracy, dissent
Brandeis School of Law has posted some nice website coverage about AWTT program there on October 30.
Juliana v. United States Moves Forward, Again
On Friday, November 2 the United States Supreme Court denied the Trump administration’s application for stay in the landmark constitutional climate lawsuit, Juliana v. United States.
Arena Stage to Honor Eve Ensler with American Artist Award
Arena Stage will present the American Artist Award to Tony Award-winning playwright, performer, activist and author Eve Ensler, one of Arena's Power Play commissioned artists.
Lessons from Ruby Bridges
In this tribute to Ruby Bridges, Edelman recalls the courage of a 6-year old black student in 1960 and calls upon all of us to follow her example. It’s time to thank Ruby Bridges today by following her example and supporting all our childr