The Samantha Smith Challenge & engagEd

The Samantha Smith Challenge 2015

The 2017/18 Samantha Smith Challenge Celebration, an intiative of AWTT and MAMLE, convened on June 4, 2018 at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine. This year's theme was "Social Justice Through the Arts".   Learn more here.


Introducing a new, in-development project,  engagEd. Lessons plans from the AWTT Truth Tellers that will help teach your students to engage the world and its challenges. 




Surry, Maine
Emlen Hall, Bay School, Blue Hill, Maine
Bagaduce Music Lending LIbrary, Blue Hill, Maine
Bagaduce Lending Library, 49 South Street, Blue Hill, Maine
Danville, Kentucky
106 High St, Belfast, ME 04915


Noam Chomsky at Age 90
Noam Chomsky will turn 90 in December. Here are a few highlights from his work this month (September):
Father Roy Bourgeois Continues to Speak Out Against an All-Male Clergy
Roy Bourgeois responds to recent disclosures about Pennsylvania priests:I am convinced that if the Catholic Church had women priests, the Church would not be in the crisis it is in today.
Wendell Berry Farming Program revived by partnership with Sterling College
The Wendell Berry Farming Program is up and running again after a two-year hiatus, precipitated by the unexpected closing in 2016 of St. Catharine College in Springfield, where the program was based.
Medea Benjamin in the Headlines
CODEPINK and Global Exchange cofounder Medea Benjamin is still out in the world making noise and taking action - seemingly everywhere.
Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II Goes After Coal Ash Pollution
“I don’t care how many times you tell me you love me, if you put coal ash in my water you don’t love me."
Urban Growers Collective: Will Allen's Daughter Erika Carries On
Erika Allen:We use urban farming as a way to heal communities in terms of trauma and the violence that a lot of our youth and their families experience.Also as a recovery from the historic impact of structural racism that manifested through the agric
Prison Theater Piece Invokes Alexander's Work
Cornell Chronicle reporter Linda Glaser reviews the Phoenix Players Theater Group's production of "The Strength of Our Convictions: The Auburn Redemption" at the Auburn Correctional Facility.[The show] gives attendees a hint of what it&
Dr. Mona's Memoir: The Story of Flint's Water Crisis
Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha's compelling story is now in print. What the Eyes Don't See: The Story of Crisis, Resistence and Hope in an American City.
Nicole Maines Cast as First Transgender Superhero On Television
The transgender activist behind a landmark "restroom of choice" case is marking another historic first.
Government Takes Juliana to U. S. Supreme Court
July 31, 2018 Update: The U.S. Supreme Court denied the government's "emergency" motion.