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  • Teaching students the value of citizenship and the histories of the people who have advocated for America's founding ideals.
  • Training teachers to bring the AWTT portrait subjects and their stories into classrooms.
  • Creating lesson plans and curriculum materials for teachers who want to bring "Models of Courageous Citizenship" into the classroom.
  • Discovering Courageous Citizens, who inspire us all.
  • Engaging students and teachers alike with materials and information on our website.
  • Reminding all citizens of our responsibilities to justice and to our hard-won rights as Americans.
  • Collaborating with local and national educational organizations to teach accurate history and ethical citizenship.
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Students show off "truth teller" self-portraits.

Public School Students in Louisville, Kentucky

Rob Shetterly talks to Maine teachers about using AWTT in the classroom

AWTT Teacher Workshops in Maine

Rob Shetterly, preparing to paint Howard ZinnĀ“s portrait.

Rob Shetterly and Howard Zinn