Speaking Truth to Youth

Speaking Truth to Youth gives both youth and adults the opportunity to hear directly from AWTT portrait subjects - what led them to become activists, what guides them, where they find hope and courage, and what advice they have for young people today. In short recorded video interviews, AWTT’s living portrait subjects share the essence of who they are and what feeds their souls. They say it best: “a responsibility to act,” “each new person is an inspiration,” “some people go to sleep at night but I stay up and dream,” “follow what you love,” “give children a seat at the table.”  Speaking Truth to Youth inspires young people directly and personally to be active citizens and changemakers. While AWTT believes in the power of art and story to motivate people to action, we also believe that the spoken word of truth tellers adds a powerful dimension, bringing these portraits to life.

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AWTT portrait of Chloe Maxmin
AWTT portrait of Dave Zirin
AWTT portrait of Dr. Mona Hatta-Attisha