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At AWTT we believe that inspired citizens of any age can make the world a better place. It is essential that young people become leaders who help to shape a positive future for our communities. 

Here are a few of the young people who have been included in the AWTT series and who made significant  differences in their communities while they were young: Samantha Smith, Emma Tenayuca, Claudette Colvin, Barbara Johns, LeAlan Jones and Tim Dechristopher. 

We invite students to explore the portraits, read the quotes, and study the biographies and resources available on this site. Hopefully, they will inspire you to think of ways to make your schools and communities safer, more equitable, and more hopeful. 

The multitude of problems in the world can be overwhelming and discouraging. The best antidote to these feelings is to engage a single issue and work with other people to make something better. Civic engagement and collaboration is where we can find hope in our communities. 

*Students under 13 years of age should ask an adult teacher or parent to help them explore this site. See the AWTT Privacy Policy. 

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Students Testimonials

Finally, I was shown people of all backgrounds who had made a difference; finally, I found people who were so normal, who I could relate to, and yet were so profound. Suddenly, there was no more excuse.

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